FRONT of Postcard says "Be a Pennsylvania Voter.  For info about voting go to VOTE.PA.GOV" on a blue Pennsylvania shaped image over a blue background that says VOTE, VOTE, VOTE
BACK of postcard says "For voting info, scan here or go to" with a QR code. Paid for by Turn PA Blue with logo.
Example of script option 1.
Example of script option 2.

Pre-addressed Voter Registration Postcards for 2022 General

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Thank you for handwriting Voter Registration postcards for Turn PA Blue! 

Note:  There are big savings by changing the number of postcards before changing the quantity of packages.  2 x 50 postcards = $30 vs. 1 x 100 postcards = $22 

Help us expand the electorate.  We are sending postcards to urge unregistered potential voters to register to vote.

Each postcard kit contains:

  • Pre-addressed postcards to unregistered potential voters
  • A script and instructions

All you need to do is handwrite the script, put on a stamp, and place them in the mail!  

Shipping is free! Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery, but we hope you'll get them much sooner!  If you have questions about your shipment, check your confirmation to ensure it has been at least 3 weeks.

DEADLINE: Please complete and mail your postcards to voters within 14 days of receipt.

Volunteers need to provide their own postage for these postcards (postcard stamps).  Thank you for your contribution to this important Voter Registration project!


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